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Learn how to access the untapped genius inherent in your brain — and discover a life of inspired creativity, optimal productivity and emotional stability.

Albert Einstein’s school teachers considered him to be a little dim – yet he became one of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known. On paper, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are not much cleverer than the rest of us — yet they proved to be two of the wisest world leaders of all time.

What allows otherwise “common” people to become uncommon thinkers and visionary leaders?
The ability to approach life and its problems with creativity and heightened emotional intelligence, is what we have experienced.

Individuals with enhanced emotional intelligence are able to deal effectively with stress, activate their creative thinking and find new, inspired ways to solve problems. This translates into improved productivity, greater optimism, renewed passion and fulfilling relationships — in both the professional and personal environments.

The ability to develop enhanced emotional intelligence is available to everyone — all it takes is a little training and regular practice.

The highly acclaimed, one day Brain Power seminar will teach you what you need to know and do.
It will teach you how to de-stress, heighten your emotional intelligence and liberate your adaptive creative mind.

“A thought provoking and highly stimulating workshop.
An absolute must for everyone who wishes to live an overall more meaningful
and balanced life and who wishes to rise above the ordinary …
You are provided with the tools to help you make it happen.”

— Derick Stevens, Director, Bernina RSA

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Build your company’s Brain Power!

Show your employees how to tap into their inherent genius and build a team that:

  • Is empowered.
  • Thinks outside the box.
  • Can summon their talent at will.
  • Copes well in stressful situations.
  • Takes initiative.
  • Works together cohesively without conflict.
  • Produces consistently outstanding results.
  • Is optimistic and inherently motivated.

Enjoy further discounts and benefits by holding the seminar — for more than 10 employees — at your premises. The larger your group, the larger your discount.

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At school, our brains are trained to solve logical and mathematical problems.
Yet, so much of life’s problems require emotional intelligence rather than reason. We are often so stressed out about a problem that we can’t even begin solving it. Yet, the key to achieving heightened Emotional Intelligence, to activating our creative minds, and to finding new ways of solving problems, is so simple ...
and within everyone’s reach.

While reason will allow you to solve a linear mathematical problem, a creative brain will allow you to find inspired solutions that are beyond the obvious. Like E = MC ², from a man considered
not too bright by his teachers.

Albert Einstein

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